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R.T.H. Laennec invented the stethoscope in 1816 while serving as physician to the Hopital Necker in Paris and published his classic text "De L'AUSCULTATION MEDIATE" in 1819. The book is an extensive study of the diseases of the lungs and heart by mediate auscultation with use of the stethoscope. In the book, Laennec describes the invention of the stethoscope and specific instructionds for its design. The second edition of his book was published in 1826 and there were two other editions published after his death. He died of tuberculosis in 1826.

The image to the left is a photo of the title page of Laennec's book and on the right a photo of the plate
from the text that illustrates the construction of the orignal stethoscope, circa 1819.
Photo courtesy of the National Library of Medicine
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